All planning applications submitted to councils that may affect trees, will require a tree survey and report that considers the impact of the proposed development.

The report must be carried out in accordance with British Standard 5837: 2012 ‘Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations’ (along with any forthcoming planning policy or legal amendments).

Our tree survey reports are professional, comprehensive, well supported by CAD drawings and are designed to satisfy the council’s requirements in relation to the validation of planning applications. Arbor Consulting can help maximise opportunities for retaining and protecting trees of merit, whilst justifying removal for those that are not. From pre-development assessment to designing mitigation for tree losses, we will make an invaluable contribution to the success of your development proposal.

For a free, no obligation fee-proposal, please contact Paul Hawksford on: 07746 817923, John McNamara on: 07544 921780 or alternatively email