ARBOR CONSULTING can provide you with a tree survey report to support your Mortgage Application.

Most of the major lenders require a report from a tree surveyor to state that there is no reason, from an arboricultural perspective, that a mortgage cannot be provided on a property. Mortgage providers require this survey because they need to be assured that there is no risk from tree related damage.

In order to satisfy the mortgage provider, a detailed survey needs to be carried out if trees are in close proximity to the property. This may also include third-party trees such as those found in nearby neighbouring gardens.

Our reports will provide an indication of the potential for trees to cause damage to the property. This damage may be caused directly by the tree. Examples of direct damage include branches physically contacting the building during extreme wind events or by disruption to light structures such as walls, patios or driveways. Alternatively, the tree may have the potential to cause indirect damage by affecting differential ground movement beneath the building’s foundations.

The surveyor will also carry out a health and condition assessment and provide current and future long term management options.

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