The High Hedges Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 (operational from 31st March 2012) provides a legal basis for taking action over a problem high hedge.

It will help people who are adversely affected by high hedges bordering their domestic property. It deals with evergreen and semi-evergreen hedges that are more than 2 metres in height and affecting light reaching a neighbouring domestic property.

It introduces a formal complaints system that will be operated by local councils, but it should only be used as a last resort as neighbours are encouraged to resolve the problem themselves.

ARBOR CONSULTING undertake site visits to collect and collate relevant arboricultural information, including:

  • Species, condition, age and dimensions
  • Growth habit
  • Visual amenity valuation
  • Overhanging branches or litter dropped by the hedge
  • Scope of works and specifications
  • Initial and preventative recommendations

We can provide an arbitration service to support all parties involved, gathering information relating to the dispute.

Our report will provide a detailed assessment of the hedge along with suitable management options. It is the responsibility of the Council to make a Remedial Notice if required, following the formal complaints procedure.

For a free, no obligation fee-proposal, please contact Paul Hawksford on: 07746 817923, alternatively email