ARBOR CONSULTING is frequently instructed as an Arboricultural Expert Witness to produce tree survey reports and provide evidence in tree related legal matters.

We are experienced in acting on behalf of claimants, defendants and appellants in all cases of litigation, boundary disputes, public inquiries and planning appeals involving trees.

We also undertake tree valuations which assess the loss of visual amenity and/or compensatory value when trees are accidentally or maliciously damaged or destroyed. The four recognised systems for use in establishing monetary values for trees are:

  • The Helliwell System – 2008
  • Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees – 2008 (CAVAT)
  • Council of Tree & Landscape Appraisers – 2000 (CTLA)
  • I-Tree – 2012

Another more realistic aid in determining compensatory valuation is the nursery replacement methodology. This requires individual prices from local reputable nurseries for the supply and planting of trees comparable to those which may have been damaged or destroyed.

This is a like-for-like method which compensates for particular size and species availability. Prices would include for the purchase of the plant, its delivery, ground preparation, planting (and support) along with maintenance and aftercare.

Statutory Obligations:

Councils must be informed of all works proposed for trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or those situated in a Conservation Area.

ARBOR CONSULTING can provide suitable advice and specifications to the landowner for presentation to the relevant divisional planning authority.

We are also able to make representation to councils to support objections to the making of inappropriate TPO’s or to represent tree owners involved in TPO appeals.

For a free, no obligation fee-proposal, please contact Paul Hawksford on: 07746 817923, alternatively email